Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"A journey of 4 girls in the Lion City"

Cautions! Long post and lots of Pics!!!


Best x title? Macam cerita dongeng dulu kala kan.

The story begins, in a far far away land called bla-bla-bla.....

Actually I want to tell you guys bout my latest adventure.. eh jap..adventure ke journey.. apa-apa je lah..
to Lion City @ Kota Singa @ Singapura.

Our main target is to conquer the Universal Studio of Singapore with other minor objectives.
We had planned this event long-long time ago, which at first the main purpose is to spent time together as a friends not colleagues. The place is not specified, however since Kota Singa is more convenient for us and everybody was excited to go, and without realize we just selected the journey destination for our little project/journey.

Once the destination selected, we bit by bit started to look up for our accommodation and etc. As the result, we confirmed to stay there 3D2N, with the main objective is the USS. we will spend whole day there to explore it.

After a short of intro, our first day goes like this;

on 23 May we stayed at office and move to KL central to catch our Train that was schedule on 11. However due to some delay, we started to enter the train at 11.20 and the train move around 11.30pm.
We then arrive at woodlands station around 6.30-7.00 am. went through immigration check out and then we head to the bus station to the nearest MRT, where we could buy the MRT Tourist Card, whereby we could used the card anytime at the MRT. The card cost SGD 30 for 3 days.

Luckily, one of our friend is familiar with Kota Singa and she has become our unofficially  tour guide. Thanks to her!
We managed reach to the hotel and put our luggage in their luggage room and ready to explore. We could not check in yet since check in time is around 2pm.

We then head to the Bugis Street and eat our breakfast on the way there. Done some windows shopping at Bugis Street then we head to Haji Lane to see more options. we are captivated by the scenery there. Done with the scenery and we head back to the Hotel to check in and refresh ourself. After some rest around 4-4.30pm we went out again to visit the Garden by the Bay which is near to the Marina Bay hotel.

This place suit it names whereby we could see a lot of different kind of flowers and plants. they also has several place where need entrance fees to walk in. we pay SGD 28 for 2 place which is, flower dome and cloud forest. we left Garden By the Bay around 8 since we all is tired and hungry. I'm also not feeling very well. we then end up at Pastamania to eat our dinner on the way back to hotel.

Once in Hotel, after clean myself, I slept soundly till morning. while my friends stayed up to play some card games.

The second day is totally in USS. We done everything that we could and take pics as much as we can..hehe.. since we go on weekend, there are so many people there and the queue for each rides is very long. If we has chance to go again, we will choose weekend that is not attached to the School Holiday... it too crowded.

we left USS around 9pm after we see the parade and firework show.
once saw the line for the Monorail is longer than expected, we decided to walk to the mainland.
While we walk we were attracted to see why people are gathering infront of the some stage, and we decide to stay to see what happens.

it actually a crane dance that was done beautifully by some kind of robotics.

We then walk back grab dinner and play cards games at hotel before sleep.

Next day is the last day in Kota Singa
we plan to walk by the Clarke Quay till the Merlion Statue. take some pictures and went back to take luggage to airport.

We say goodbye to Kota Singa and till we meet again. We left via Tiger Airways around 4 something.

And at the end the girls reach Malaysia and live happily ever after.

Want to see some pics? here it goes...

That all.. till meet again in the next entry.

PS: Sila jangan muak dengan gambar2 nie..hehehe...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Raihan Wedding @ Skudai Johor

Hmm..macam mana nak start nie..


Aku, and my uni-mate, sarah n awanis telah berpakat untuk attend majlis raihan yang dibuat kat skudai johor..
Aku lagi sekali x dapat nak bawa kereta..hehehe (keta masih kat Kedah)... sarah sangat baik sebab setuju tuk guna keta dia... :-)!

Our journey started around 8.30 am when I meet them at LRT University station..
we arrived around 11.30 am.. quite fast for me.. thanks to sarah again with her smooth driving and we could find the place easily.
at the car park of the dewan
Meet with everybody we know, which mostly from our university. Eat (cendol is delicious!)
then we could met with raihan and her husband. say wishes and all.. after that we gather for some nice picture as below..

all picture credit to sarah FB and awanis camera..

After some chit chat..we leave with promises to meet again next time!
Congratulation Raihan and semoga berkekalan dan berbahagia di samping suami tercinta...

It was a great journey after all! Thanks also to awanis who take over to drive us home safely.

PS: maybe next time I could drive my tiggo....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Sila lihat post ini dahulu negeriku dijajah- mac 2008

Setelah 5 tahun dijajah,
kami sudah muak dengan janji-janji manis yang hanya manis dibibir,
Kami juga sudah benci dengan pimpinan yang goyah
Kini sudah sampai masanya kami bangkit,
bangkit mempertahankan hak kami,

kini aku sudah mampu membuat keputusan,
sudah mampu memberi pandangan dan sumbangan,
bicara ku kini boleh didengari,
aku sudah punya hak untuk berjuang
menawan kembali negeri tercinta kami...

Tanggal 5 May 2013,
kami keluar berjuang dengan harapan pimpinan baru dipilih.
dan dengan izin Allah, Kami menang
kami menawan kembali Negeri kami!
Pimpinan baru dilantik, muda dan bertenaga!
Semoga keamanan, kesejahteraan dikekalkan
dan juga
Semoga negeri kami membangun bersama seiring negara tercinta!!

Aku bangga kerana menjadi sebahagian dari perubahan ini!

BN menguasai kembali KEDAH...semoga ianya berkekalan...

7/may/2013...2 hari selepas PRU13...