Thursday, June 12, 2014

Broken Angels by Richard Montanari

Sekarang aku sedang membuat percubaan untuk menyibuk kan minda dengan membaca english novel.
Novel pertama tahun ni tajuknya seperti diatas.

Nak perbaiki english kot.. dan nak sibuk kan diri dengan membaca..

Genre Novel nie?

ada ala-ala investigation.. aku pon x pasti mulanya masa pilih novel nie..
tapi aku tertarik sbb cover dia.. sangat menarik minat aku..

Sekarang sedang berusaha menghabiskan.. interesting gak.. nanti bila dah habis boleh pinjam others novel dari pengarang yg sama..

Nak tau apa yg diceritakan dalam novel ni.. kena tunggu next post.. hehe..

nah tgk cover dia dulu..
K... see ya..

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Remembering the past

The days keep reminding me of my past..
Seriously, I don't remember most of my childhood memories. Related  pictures also not more than 20 pieces I guess.
Looking at my friends that has become young parents nowadays and their efforts in keeping memories of their child is awesome.
Never really thought they could become very particular on this. {Keep it up guys!! :-)}
Most of my memory in childhood are circulating around primary school. Just flashing back the dusty memory in my brain is not enough. I could fall to remember imaginary thing if no real proof or some soft of that.
Do you guys have this kind of situation too?

Should we forget the past?

For me, what happen in past has made me come this far. Which I never imagine it could be. However, even the past is great, we still has today and tomorrow to spend.. and it will become greater than the past if we do learn our past mistake. Regretting what I've not done in past will not change it, however now, I'm trying to do what I've missed then.
I valued the past as we strive for the greater today and tomorrow.