Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1st day at Laos (06 Jan 2013)

Hi... akhirnya sempat jugak curi2 masa mengupdate blog sal LAOS trip yg sangat mengujakan ini...
Laos sebenarnya lambat 1 jam dari malaysia. so if kita dah jam 1 pm laos baru jam 12 tgh hari..
we go via private tour Parlo Tours Sdn Bhd.


Hari pertama agak penat actually, but it worth it! Nak tau kenapa..sila baca selanjutnya...

Apa yang terjadi pada 06 January 2013:

3.30 am - kluar rumah g taman shamelin tunggu van driver dtg amik ke LCCT
5.00am - sampai LCCT, tunggu other members (ini padahnya klu boarding pass suh org lain bawa)
6.00am - check in luggage -(x de la berat sgt seperti yg dijangka)
6.30am - scanned hand carry and teros g tunggu depan gate, muslims members g solat subuh dulu..
7.00am - masuk gate dan berjalan ke kapal terbang...

about 2.45 hours later we already arrived at Wattay airport in Vientiane  Laos!!

>> went through the laos immigration and then changed money from USD to Lao Kip, which suddenly make all of us millionaire... hahaha
>> keluar kat balai ketibaan then meet out tour guide Mr Pat.
we did not check in the Hotel yet since the room is not available yet. so we proceed to our first visit place which is That Luang Stupa, I prefer to call golden stupa. After some historic explanation from Mr Pat, and some memorable pictures there, we proceed to the next place which is,

Patuxay Monument

one monument like a gate and we can see panoramic surrounding if we climb up around 200 stairs. I did climb up here, and make some pictures.
Here we could see local peoples with DSLR in their hand snapping tourist picture and in 5 minute print the pictures to be sell to the tourist itself. They do some good editing also to attract people to buy it. we did buy some of the pictures which is really nice and cheap compare to cost printing the A4 size photo in Malaysia.

Next>> Hotel check in at Salana Hotel and Boutique.
The hotel is very nice, best for family even for couple for honeymoon...hahaha...
today lunch are by our self .. so we just fine local indian muslim restaurant to dine in, while other members eat at other restaurant nearby.

Next place in the itinerary today is Wat Sisaket.
another temple to visit. here they have more collection of buddha statue that was donated by other temple or orang perseorangan to be place here...

after Wat Sisaket we went back to hotel for fresh-up for the traditional dinner at Phatoke Laoderm.
they have several performance conducted while we eating. I'll share the video in the next entry..

once we finish with the dinner and performance, we get excited to go their night market. it only take 5 -10 minute walk from our hotel and it also near to the Mekong river which memisahkan Laos and thailand...

after some shopping we went back to hotel for rest. X sabar untuk tunggu keesokan harinya...

PS:Tunggu for next entry to know where is the next place we visited on the 2nd day in Laos!!

Enjoy the picas below!!
That Luang Stupa/Golden Stupa entrance

listening to the guide

close-up golden stupa
dragon statue guarding the stupa
Salana Hotel and Boutique entrance
Patuxay Monument from far

one of the dance- dancing bird symbolic dance

more picas.. but not transferred yet from my Ipad... will update for next entry..

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