Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Perkara pindah randah yg x best! my previous entri... Saya akan berpindah x lama lagi.. hmmmm...
We all got excited to deko our own room and etc.

Tapi berpindah di tempat yg tiada family untuk bantu bagi cadangan dan angkat barang adalah sangat tidak best.

1. transport from old house to new house
2. angkut mengangkut
3. susun meyusun
4. kemas mengemas
5. cuci rumah
6. pasang langsir
7. support your action
8. etc...

semua yg di listkan kat atas nie kena buat sensorang except some items la...

Most importantly I hope my family are here to see where I lived.. and how my home, how I go to work and everything surrounding would effect my judgement and they would understood me more... I also need other judgement  opinion, suggestion except from my friends who see thing most likely the same as me.

unfortunately, my family is far away in Kedah.. and they could not come just to see me moved...

PS: Hope everything will be ok!

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