Monday, November 19, 2012

Bila virus menyerang


Lately as we could see, people around us easily get sick. cold, flu, cough and etc is common. It like the season for people get sick...

Saya pun tidak terkecuali... past few day I travel back to my home town, and when I travel back to KL, my nose and throat feel a bit weird. I know, this is the symptoms. I quickly take panadol and rest.. but it not working. Maybe this virus immune to the medication already.

and today is Monday and it was not easy to wake up plus the medication effects.
But somehow I woke up and dress up to work. I wish I have my car with me. I can drove to my office easily without facing the same faces at the bus stop. facing the dusts and smoke emitted by others vehicles.
In this situation I wish I with my family who can take care of me.
Public transport is bad for my current conditions. I agreed it make less traffic and etc. but the disadvantages is it can spread the virus easily. Either I infected others or my condition worsen.

But I need to face the situation, currently it is the way I travel. Can blame other infected me with their virus... haha... Next time I need to be aware with the seasons also... not just people..

Auucoohhh!! again..sneezing...

Hoping today will end quickly... so that I can rest tonite...

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