Friday, November 16, 2012

Don't Compare if you don't understand!!

Hi... a bit emo lately...

2012 is ending.. rushing to accomplish 2012 goal and aims..
however, something that I wish and really wanted will never happen this year... seem it was not allowed to happen...
Am I not competent to be trust with it....??

But,  I wander and surprise when they praise others who can do what I am not allowed to do.. in front of me... keep telling me others are better, good, competent, wiser and etc. Don't they realize that  I've tried every single move, attempt that I can think or to let them allowed me to do so... I've put everything to make this happen.

Yes. I realize this sound very confusing to you and it was more confusing to me who need to deal with it.
still I'm feel like no improvement in 2012.  what a shame...

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